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5 easy to create looks for each occasion

*Go ahead to the sixth paragraph for Trishala’s guide to five easy-to-create, stylish yet affordable looks for any occasion. Trishala’s blog, https://sharmatrishala.wordpress.com/ has been named one of the top 100 blogs of India.

When 23-year-old Trishala Sharma started her journey blogging, she chose food as the main focus. Whenever she went out, she took pictures of food, and when she posted it, she began to receive likes and comments from people on Instagram. Today, her blog covers not just food but also travel, beauty and fashion – a lifestyle blog that has received positive attention and success, even being named one of the top 100 blogs of India. 

Today, she has modelled for brands that are household names such as Subway, MyGlam and Soho House Mumbai, and is seen more often than not posing with watches, soft scarves and buttery soft handbags. She is regularly invited to be a guest at high-profile events such as Mumbai Fashion Week, or even to travel to hidden gems such as the Forest Club Resort. 

“I think my blog is random and natural, but it’s not a typical one. It’s just the life of a normal girl, and that’s probably why it’s been so successful,” says Trishala.  “There is a lot of dedication and anxiety that goes into making a blog. You always have to keep bothering about the number of likes and followers, what others are doing, why is someone sitting in the Maldives and why you are sitting in Mumbai.”

“The constant dedication to something – there has not been a single holiday for me in the last 3 and a half years”,

Trishala sharma

Trishala insists that blogging has taught her a whole arsenal of skills. “I feel that if I hadn’t done this, I would have had a very regular life, going to work, getting back home, watching TV and going to sleep. Because I have this blog, I have seen a lot of places and experienced things which I wouldn’t have had I not been a blogger. Take the case of Novotel Magica. If I had been a normal person, I would never go there. I have gotten a lot of invites from places as a respected guest, from brands as well. That makes it very appealing and makes me feel like I’m doing something good. I feel that my present is better than what my past was. This has given me a lot of confidence and shaped my personality – I can talk to anyone now.” 

Trishala’s fashion class

Fashion is the perfect accessory for any occasion or activity. Courtesy: Trishala

When it comes to fashion, I always want to inspire people to go for something within their budget. India has a lot of middle-class people – so it makes a lot of difference. When I used to see people posting pictures of clothes, I felt sad that I didn’t have the clothes they advertised. Today, I make sure that I go for the feeling of simplicity for my followers.

When I put pictures for my audience, I don’t just want them to think ‘Wow, she’s dressing well’. I want my style to look natural, something for which I don’t have to burn a hole in my pocket, and a hole in theirs. Affordable yet stylish – that’s my mantra. 

From traditional to formal to modern, we all have that comfort zone where we feel confident wearing an outfit. For me, fashion is not looking at one of those gorgeous models wearing a sponsored outfit or an actress wearing a high-end brand. It’s something I feel good and comfortable in.

“The idea about fashion shouldn’t be something that makes you think twice about it. I ordered a very deep neck outfit recently, it got delivered to my residence. The colour was perfect, the fit was great, but could I wear it? No.”

Trishala Sharma

Women’s fashion isn’t an easy affair. Being an independent woman is cool, but buying things for yourself is cooler. However, the price tag can sometimes make you keep that pretty dress back. In such cases, what do you do? Let’s think of some fashion ideas that fit a budget, look elegant, while also being comfortable at the same time. 

Indian Wear

I’ll start with the best! Indian wear is one of the most attractive fashion statements. Given an opportunity, I’d prefer wearing traditional over western (though depends on the occasion too or maybe Indo-Western)  Pairing up palazzo pants and cigarette pants with straight-fit kurtis is an ideal outfit idea. You can wear it to the mall, at work, when guests come over, everywhere. 

Formal Wear 

For that independent woman in you, formal wear is perfect. So what if you don’t have a cabin of your own yet, you can still be the boss babe by rocking formal fashion. A simple combination of ankle-length trousers with a trendy collar and sleeve blazer and stunning black heels will make heads turn as you walk to your desk! 

Casual Wear

Be it going to purchase groceries or a casual meet up with your friends or Sunday brunch for that matter, a visit to an amusement park, casual wear in the most consumed fashion in urban localities. An ankle-length pair of denims with a floral top/shorts with a funky t-shirt, a flowy skirt with a loose shirt, something neon, a long dress – any one of those options would be a stunning combination. Casual wear has so many options to choose from, so one just needs to find what suits them best!

Party Wear 

The golden rule is to not look too extra – unless it’s your own cocktail party!

A plain black dress with a low line neck or a patterned back can work wonders when it structures the silhouette and is sexy upfront. Stiletto heels are so IN here. Carry a clutch or a sling bag where you can fit your phone so that you’re free to dance the night away.  If you’re planning to look really stunning, wear a long dress with a side slit where your leg is visible.

Occasional Wear

Dressing up for your cousin’s wedding is a task because the aunties are going to look for you while you’re single. Just kidding. Gharara dresses these days are back in trend and look really pretty – a good pick for a sangeet function. During the pheras, you can wear a long flare dress with a heavy dupatta. For the reception, a dazzling lehenga or a low waist saree is perfect. Pastel shades are channeling fresh. Detailed jewellery, smokey eye makeup and you’re all set to go.

That’s my piece of word for some budget-friendly, versatile fashionista inspiration.

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