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“Why Goddy’s? Basically, I am a food lover as well as a music lover. I can’t choose – I love both!”

Godwin Roy

When we think of food and music together in cafes, we normally picture background music blasting through the speakers when we are sitting down for our meal. At Goddy’s, however, the music is live, and a wonderful collection of entertainers, poets, musicians and beatboxers are given a platform to exhibit, and even a state-of-the-art jamming studio to improve their craft. 

“Here at Goddy’s – we celebrate and elevate music. We have a jamming studio, where musicians can come and practice. We offer a stage where artists can perform. That’s what makes us stand apart. We have a top-notch and acoustically-treated studio with wonderful equipment and audio systems. A lot of celebrity bands, as well as other musicians, visit us for jamming,” says Godwin. 

Goddy’s Jamroom. Photo Courtesy: Godwin Roy

According to Godwin, his greatest efforts have been to create a space that would feel like home for anyone who visited. As you walk into Goddy’s, you will be of the point of view that he has succeeded in his quest. Brightly colored bean bags are dotted around, providing comfortable seating options. There are books to read and games to play, like pictionary, chess, scrabble and mini foosball, perfect to relax and unwind. 

Every day, as you sit down to eat your meal, there will be an event happening on the stage in the corner. Every Monday, Goddy’s hosts an open mic night, a huge showcase for anyone who wants to come to exhibit their talent. Every Monday, you might see spoken word poetry set to music, or the strains of guitars as an aspiring musician performs his new song. 

“Our open mics are like a huge party! friends have formed from similar interests, even artistic collaborations. One of the bands, Rolling Beat, was formed from an open mic here, and now they’re going to be releasing an album. It’s become a community here.” 

Godwin Roy

This feeling of community is further captured on Tuesdays, in Goddy’s speaking club, where you can come in, sit down at a table. Dinner will be ordered, and you get to chat with the people around you – perhaps have a discussion or debate on any issue you like. The purpose of these meetings is to help guests improve their on-spot speaking skills. On Wednesdays, you get to come in, sit down on the beanbags, and watch a movie on the big screen with your friends. On all other days, live music will be happening on the stage – a myriad of upcoming bands, artists and performers will be there, giving you a whole catalogue of new music and talent with your meal. 

“The stage I give here is for upcoming artists to explore their passions. There are so many people who regularly come here, and I’m thrilled to give them about three hours to perform. From this week, we’re starting hip hop nights as well, where rappers and beatboxers will get their chance to shine. I aim to make the community dream bigger and give them chances to chase them” says Godwin. 

 “A lot of people here have played in star hotels in Chennai, but one person has told me that he has never played on a stage with such acoustic quality,”  he says.

Courtesy: Godwin Roy

While you might be enthralled and incredibly entertained by the vibe and music of Goddy’s, you will be left impressed with how much detail has gone into the food and menu as well. Goddy’s has three menus, containing over 300 dishes – with the cuisine spanning continental, Italian and fusion, including several dishes created exclusively by Godwin himself.  

A dining experience at Goddy’s is typically relaxed and decadent. “ If you were expecting this cafe to only serve fast food, then this is not the place for you. Here, we make everything absolutely fresh -it’s our philosophy! It might take a little bit of time, but the food comes out stunningly fresh at the end of it – we want to give the best to the customers,” says Goddy’s. 

Every fortnight, Goddy’s add new dishes to the menu. You can walk in, and you’ll see a new starter, a new main course dish, a new dessert  all in the same day. “We are always evolving,” Godwin smiles. 

Although Godwin likes to think of Goddy’s as a place without limitations, he has only one rule for the cafe itself.

“A lot of people have asked me why I don’t serve liquor – they tell me my business would boom if they served it. I want to have a creative space where food and music lovers can come. In a lot of places, there is liquor available, but kids or families wouldn’t be able to go there, even if they want to. I want everyone to find a home here, so I’ve kept their options open.” 

Godwin Roy

As Goddy’s gears up to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day, their schedule of events promises to become even more extensive – a true celebration of community. 

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