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What’s on: Kommune

Kommune stands for delicious food, sparkling conversation, and making the best memories with your colleagues, friends and plenty of other people. Here at Kommune, the team invites anyone to take part in fascinating discussions over a drink with your friends, and this year, Kommune plan to take their level even higher.

At Kommune, the playlists are perfectly curated for any variety of mood, favouring the mild. The menu aims to go beyond the traditional pub finger food, and serve curated delicacies such as avocado fries. The drinks are specially created as well – this month, begin with a bang and party hard, by sipping an espresso martini. 

At Kommune, life is always extraordinary. In the month of February, the team has planned Mardi Gras – a whole calendar with different events held every evening, designed to amuse, entertain, and excite you beyond measure. From expats to bartenders to singers, there is something here for everyone. Every Monday will be declared “Expat Night”, where expatriates all around the city are the special guests, welcome to come in, enjoy the music, vibe and sparkling conversation, and will get lightning bottle deals.

Kommune’s Tuesdays are dedicated to giving the stage and opportunities to up-and-coming singers, musicians, artists and performers. Open Mic Nights are great hotspots of talent. Expect to get caught up in the cheer, whether it’s the crowd favourites or someone just stepping up for their crowd debut. Wednesdays are for soulful music and overcoming language barriers, expressed through seasoned performers during Unplugged Nights. While the 5th and 19th of February are for fans of Bollywood, presided over by Anuj Dimri and Aditya Goswami – the 12th and 26th are for English music. Lovers of music will find their niche year. On Sundays, the two blend effortlessly into Sundays Unplugged – where everything from the 70s to present day is covered musically.

Of course, February’s main event is Valentine’s Day, and from Team Kommune’s side, they hope to plan an event to remember. From a 4-course lunch and a 6-course candlelit dinner for couples to live music on the lit-up rooftop, it is the perfect romantic atmosphere. The day after, on what the world knows as Single’s Day, all the single people visiting will be greeted with a rose and shooter.

On 24th February, Kommune will celebrate World Bartender Day by inviting bartenders across the city to come in and make their signature cocktails – employing all the cool tricks of their trade in the process, such as flaring or juggling. These cocktails will be served at 50% cost to the guests at the bar. The guests will choose the top 3 bartenders based on the cocktails made. There will be a guest bartender who will take over Kommune bar. Bartenders and bar managers will be eligible for happy hours through the day.

On February 29th, Leap Day, every guest who was born on February 29th coming in can celebrate their special day with a complimentary bottle of wine from the Kommune Team.

February is a special month for the Kommune Team. From celebrating the birthdays of Bob Marley, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran through their hits, to the vintage shine of retro nights, to taking 8th February off to celebrate dry day – this will be a month of surprises and never-ending cheers for the lucky guests. To take advantage of these fabulous days, walk into the 3rd and 4th Floor, 60/62,  Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, T. Nagar, or phone up 7868800077 to make a reservation.

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    February 2, 2020
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