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Among us: Game of the pandemic?


Dharshna, 19

I think among us took off so well firstly because it’s a completely unique game. It’s something you can’t ever get bored

of since you have so many ways you can play it, different ways to win, teams and what not.

The most important thing is probably the fact that we can play with friends or strangers from all over the world. It’s a genuinely fun game.

It’s extensively interactive and the whole blame-game makes it all the more fun and “personal”. It’s a conveniently short game which I’m sure the players appreciate

especially after getting used to playing somewhat time-consuming games like Ludo. I must also mention how adorable the characters and their accessories look, that’s my personal favorite element.

Harini Murali, 23

Sai Vaibhav K, 23

It is no surprise that Among Us has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. I mean why would it not? The same game we have been playing with friends as kids has been handed to us in a quirky new avatar. With its cute characters, crisp gameplay, graphics (especially when imposters kill others) and interesting tasks, its something I look forward to playing everyday. With additional tech such as Discord enabling us to talk to our friends and the game room hosting 10 people (Ludo is 4 at the max), it is the complete package.

To be honest, Among Us is just a digital replica of a game called Mafia which I’ve played often with my friends when I was smaller but this video game gives you excitement and thrill especially when one’s the imposter.

I’m not a video gamer but I keep up with the trends of the society and play it to have a little fun with my friends.

Shiveranjanee I, 18

Sai Vishnu, 19

Finally they make a game so innovative yet straightforward.

The sheer simplicity and ease of access to the game attracted people from a wide range of demographics, it is a game made for all.

Playing among us bridged the distance from the lockdown by providing me with a fun and competitive way to interact with my friends.

Its sometimes an easy game and other times serious, no other game makes you bond in such a way as Among Us.

Simple and interactive gameplay. It was meant to be played with friends and it just blew up. Also, memes are the language of today, so when the memes came flooding in, so did the people. At a time when friends couldn’t meet during the pandemic, Among Us offered them a chance to feel like they were together. We even did a birthday video for our friend, in the game itself. So, it definitely brought people closer.

Sai Shriman Reddy, 20

Trishika, 18

I think it’s because of the thrill that we get while playing it. And plus there are many variations in the game. It also helps improve our communication skills while talking and playing. The whole point of the game is to convince the other players that you aren’t wrong, so it helps spread positivity.

Among us has been one of my routines recently. I used to play Ludo and house party but there were certain aspects in this game that stood out.

This was a game that required you to observe and also do certain tasks at the same time, hence making it quiet engaging. The format of the game itself was quite new which made it more interesting playing with your close friends.

Srinath. 20

Shree Krithi, 19

Because it’s a fun game, where we can also socialize with people from all over the world, as well as play with our own group of friends. It’s also free, which means we don’t actually need gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation to play it on, and simply download it on our phones or PC.

  • Sangeeth

    Excellent!!!! Harshita!!!

    November 20, 2020
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